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US-2014118285-A1: Multi-use segments of touch screen control patent, US-2014138686-A1: Protection of an integrated circuit against attacks patent, US-2014150762-A1: Archery Bow patent, US-2014169972-A1: Fan with integral shroud patent, US-2014172194-A1: Base station multi-vehicle coordination patent, US-2014175681-A1: Absorbing excess under-fill flow with a solder trench patent, US-2014181102-A1: Method and system for robust social choices and vote elicitation patent, US-2014182571-A1: Stratified scavenging two-stroke engine patent, US-2014185004-A1: Adjustable Spectral Transmittance Eyewear patent, US-2014199421-A1: Botanical Composition and Methods of Manufacture and Use patent, US-2014206051-A1: Production of Stilbenoids patent, US-2014218088-A1: Apparatus, system, and method for re-synthesizing a clock signal patent, US-2014222537-A1: Information processing system, information processing method, and computer-readable storage medium patent, US-2014222604-A1: System for integrating ecommerce website and social networking website on a single web-based platform patent, US-2014228896-A1: Shock absorbing implantable limb prosthetic patent, US-2014236362-A1: Load Reduction Based on Percentage Change in Energy Price patent, US-2014240808-A1: Beam scanning type display apparatus patent, US-2014246476-A1: Surgical instrument soft stop patent, US-2014246636-A1: Vehicle leveling system and method patent, US-2014253701-A1: Apparatus and method for analyzing images patent, US-2014259636-A1: Rotating machine with magnetic bearing patent, US-2014261136-A1: Offshore Marine Anchor patent, US-2014270073-A1: Method and System for Acquiring an X-Ray Image patent, US-2014273455-A1: Hard mask removal during finfet formation patent, US-2014275252-A1: Methods of treating traumatic brain injury patent, US-2006119548-A1: Circuits including switches for electronic devices and methods of using the electronic devices patent, US-2014277788-A1: System, method, and data packets for messaging for electric power grid elements over a secure internet protocol network patent, US-2014297248-A1: Method and Apparatus for Context Sensing Inference patent, US-2014298430-A1: Electronic combination lock using fields with position indicators patent, US-2014299549-A1: Process for the purification of landfill leachate wastewater by active charcoal and photo-ozonolysis patent, US-2014317603-A1: Multiple Tracer Configurations Applied on a Function-by-Function Level patent, US-2014355200-A1: Mounting system for electronic device patent, US-2014355952-A1: Recording medium, reproducing apparatus, and reproducing method patent, US-2014364955-A1: Orthopedic shock damper system patent, US-2014367178-A1: Cutting structures for fixed cutter drill bit and other downhole cutting tools patent, US-2014378666-A1: Dual specificity antibodies and methods of making and using patent, US-2015006324-A1: View items based on purchases of social media contacts patent, US-2015008751-A1: Wireless power transmitter with a plurality of magnetic oscillators patent, US-2015015868-A1: Optoelectric Sensor and Method for the Detection and Distance Determination of Objects patent, US-2015021600-A1: Display device and electronic device including the same patent, US-2015035462-A1: Motor controller patent, US-2015049639-A1: Communication Device and Method for Redundant Message Transmission in an Industrial Communication Network patent, US-2015070457-A1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-2015078192-A1: Method and apparatus for activating carriers in mobile communication system patent, US-2015084467-A1: Reduced Reaction Rotary Alternating Current Generator patent, US-2015085360-A1: Confocal microscope patent, US-2015088727-A1: Method for determining creditworthiness for exchange of a projected, future asset patent, US-2010126405-A1: Diver propulsion system with separate battery and motor-transmission modules patent, US-2010149645-A1: Optical observation apparatus patent, US-2010152977-A1: Method for adjusting a passenger seat in a motor vehicle patent, US-2010190371-A1: Cable connector with security arrangement patent, US-2010194513-A1: Layered inductor patent, US-2010247130-A1: Image Forming Apparatus with Operation Stopping Control Upon Temperature Sensing in Fixing Device patent, US-2010304277-A1: Photomask for Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography and Method for Fabricating the Same patent, US-2010320895-A1: Display device and fabricating method thereof patent, US-2011004714-A1: Method and Device for Priority Generation in Multiprocessor Apparatus patent, US-2011037623-A1: Handheld electronic device and method for dual-mode disambiguation of text input patent, US-2011050276-A1: Method and program for operating test apparatus patent, US-2011081801-A1: Power Supply Device patent, US-2011112606-A1: Semiconductor System Integrated With Through Silicon Vias for Nerve Regeneration patent, US-2011128593-A1: Image processing apparatus and processing limiting method patent, US-2011142061-A1: Method and System for Harmonizing QoS in Home Networks patent, US-2011187320-A1: Wireless charging apparatus and wireless charging system patent, US-2011238278-A1: Fuel-efficient driving system patent, US-2011241429-A1: Battery backup system - a method for a coffeemaker patent, US-2011256872-A1: Apparatus and method for a handover in mobile communication system patent, US-2011265941-A1: On Site Manufactured Self Expanding Tubulars and Method patent, US-2011268326-A1: Virtual cephalometric imaging patent, US-2011290087-A1: Hexagonal wrench auxiliary device patent, US-2011299120-A1: Printing system patent, US-2012008461-A1: Method for accentuating specular and non-specular seismic events from within shallow subsurface rock formations patent, US-2012008808-A1: Hearing aid with occlusion reduction patent, US-2012010480-A1: In-vivo information acquiring system patent, US-2012024078-A1: Torque testing device patent, US-2012028369-A1: Quantifying local inflammatory activity and its use to predict disease progression and tailor treatments patent, US-2012050745-A1: Resonator fiber optic gyroscopes with reduced rotation rate instability from back reflections patent, US-2012057343-A1: Illuminating apparatus having heat dissipation base and multilayer array-type led module patent, US-2012086146-A1: Extremely Thin-Walled ePTFE patent, US-2012092881-A1: Lighting Fixture Mounting Post patent, US-2012096146-A1: System and method for aligning data frames in time patent, US-2012098522-A1: Non-contact voltage detector patent, US-2012099765-A1: Method and system of video object tracking patent, US-2012109293-A1: Biological artificial cornea and method of making patent, US-2012141363-A1: Novel Methods for Synthesizing Alane without the Formation of Adducts and Free of Halides patent, US-2012194776-A1: Display device patent, US-2012204626-A1: Sample injector for liquid chromatograph patent, US-2012234487-A1: Analyte Sensors and Methods of Use patent, US-2012249384-A1: Antenna arrangement and a portable radio communication device comprising such an antenna arrangement patent, US-2012250981-A1: Information processing device, information processing method, and program patent, US-2012263391-A1: Image display apparatus and method for reversely displaying images thereof patent, US-2012283528-A1: Tape magazine with rewind lock and integrated tape release patent, US-2012285251-A1: Ultrasound probe patent, US-2012289072-A1: Termination unit for multi-phase superconductor cable patent, US-2012289147-A1: Distributing content and service launch objects to mobile devices patent, US-2013003880-A1: Estimation of Frequency Offset Between a Base Station and Mobile Terminal patent, US-2013005814-A1: Methods and compositions for facilitating weight loss by administration of thyroid hormones patent, US-2013021914-A1: Measurement coordination for dynamic spectrum access measurements in a time division duplex system patent, US-2013024016-A1: Method of selectively inserting an audio clip into a primary audio stream patent, US-2013024682-A1: Storage Device and Method for Updating a Shadow Master Boot Record patent, US-2013035119-A1: Mobile communication system and mobile terminal patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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